Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tidal power as seen by the big lead

~No other explanation

    NW Ellesmere  island,   the big lead shows up big time,  opening as much as 20 nautical miles in less than 24 hours.     The winds dominate towards the Island,  it is not a wind driven event.  It is rather a tidal wave which comes stronger during the equinox.                                                                                                                                                  

      There is no other plausible reason,  this was seen before .  Sea ice was not so compacted because of dominant cyclones hovering over the Arctic Ocean during  the entire summer period,  ideal for tidal action causing a sensational break in the ice which will likely close quickly as the winds continue towards land.   

      With a relatively weak tide ,   its hard to explain how this can possibly happen.  But it does.  There is likely some more ferocious geophysical reason not seen,  like a deeper current rising making the tide current more rapid or stronger.   wd Set 14,2013

    Winds Northern Ellesmere

      Varied from the NE very strong before the 13th,  on evening of 13th largely North to NW,  on the 14th WNW to NW....    It was not a wind driven event.....  wd sept 15,2013


  1. I have posted an animation of the ice movement above the Canadian islands on Nevens sea ice forum:,382.msg15011.html#msg15011

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    Looks like a wind driven event to me, anti-cyclone over the CAB etc.

  2. Hi Wipneus, No it was not wind driven, there was an anticyclone over to the North of Alaska, and a Low cyclone North of Greenland. The winds were strongly from the North for days.